What is Limen Leap Labs?

A unique software laboratory from India

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Limen Leap Labs is a unique software laboratory + Incubator in India. Our mission is to solve several wicked problems on the Internet -- So we make very unique solutions that can add value to many. We then open each of our solutions to young Indians who want to start on their own.

Are you part of a team of at least 2 persons?

Come, pick up each of our solutions and get going with your own startup! Email us at [email protected]

The main criteria we have from those who join us should be non-techies, mature and fully committed. They need to complement us in the areas of business development, marketing, documentation, customer relationships. The tech IPR would be ours, and there will be an NDA to be signed; and a contract made between us and the budding startup.

Group count
We require an even-number of people in the group. The group should comprise of 2, 4, 6, etc persons. Why? Because when our mentor joins the group; there would be an odd-no of people and hence decision taking will be easier.

Our founder will join each such budding startup for a few months, using a B.O.T (Build, Operate, Transfer) system. This ensures that the mentoring you get is from within your own startup -- which is a lot more sincere, accurate than standing outside and giving "gyaan" as a mentor.

Do we mentor other startups?
Unfortunately, no. We are quite occupied with our own work. However; our founder, Sabu Francis loves to teach. You can often find him at Clubhouse (Handle: @sabufrancis) It would be nice to button-hole him there in a private room, and get a few minutes of advice; if you want.

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