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Note that each of the following solutions has its own support system. So you should ideally post your support request on that support site. If you are a registered user, make sure that when you submit your ticket, we are able to identify you.

If you want to ask a general question regarding our own company; Limen Leap Labs, use the ticket system on this page (The link is on the top right on this very page) Or send us an SMS as explained in our home page.



TAD is a powerful, free design system for architects. It helps from very early stages of designing onward.

Known.Email gives you a free read-only email account. Use it for registrations on websites/apps so that read-only emails such as welcome emails, newsletters etc do not clutter your existing mailbox.

Mingling in!

Mingling In! (and it's sister site: Attend Shaadi! ) allow you to host online parties in a rich 2D graphical environment.

Peer Content

Peer Content allows a group of peers to create useful contents, even anonymously; if so needed. This is useful for blind-peer reviews, getting a group of intellectuals to discuss together without their personalities coming in the way, etc.

Visit School

Visit School is an interesting and also important 2D game like environment for teaching. Host your own tuition classes or even a school there

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